A Successful Second Week

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Over the past week we have made a number of important code changes in the gimp2-10 branch, such as making sure the core maintainers and our Patreon contributors are listed correctly within the source code and that the About/Help menu reflects the correct project information. A new cleanup branch was also setup so we can start to remove larger assets we don’t need from version control entirely.

The community has also shifted across to using our Matrix channels as their primary source of communication, and we added new channels like and We are continuing to track the #glimpse freenode channel, but expect to deprecate it soon.

There was also further discussion on potential animal mascots and pitches for future UI changes that will be pursued once the first “soft fork” release has been made available. Chaomodus provided great ideas for splash screens, and Chris has reached out to GNOME artwork contributors as part of our logo development efforts. Our eventual plan is to let the community decide which artwork ideas we should pursue.

Bobby Moss also produced new helper scripts to assist newcomers to the project so they can more easily install prerequisites and build the project source code. We look forward to improving this as we receive feedback from our community and the project itself develops.

Thank you again to everyone that has continued to spread the word about us on the fediverse and Twitter, send us funds on Patreon and joined the discussion on Your contributions have been invaluable and they are helping us maintain the momentum we need to produce our first release.