Please note that we are developing Glimpse Image Editor in two parallel streams.

The “fork” stream is already providing a workable solution for people who dislike the “gimp” name or encounter barriers when they advocate the GNU Image Manipulation Program in schools, universities and workplaces. You can read more about our development priorities and our target userbase here:

The “rewrite” stream (also known as “Glimpse NX”) aims to create a completely new image editing program with a different user interface and cross-platform graphical toolkit. That will not be based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program. We will provide more details about this in coming months.

We have highlighted which stream each link belongs to. If there is no named stream, the link applies to both.

Code, Bug Reports, etc

Art, mockups, etc.


Warning: Before joining our public Matrix channel, we strongly encourage you to read the rules you are expected to follow.


We also recommend donating to GNU Image Manipulation Program, the upstream project on which the fork relies.

Media/Press Contact

Community Supported Channels

We welcome members of our community starting their own unofficial support forums and communication channels. Please note that we do not monitor or moderate those platforms, and cannot guarantee they are a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you choose to use them, you do so at your own risk.